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179 SGT

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179 SGT | Safetytech Fire Services


Engaged by Valmont in 2019 to carryout a 5 floor strip out of existing fire services and replacement with new pipework and “Dry Fire” wiring and devices along with incoming water main pipework replacement, backflow prevention valve’s installation, registration with Water Corporation and replacement fire pump sets within the basement.


We faced a number of challenges throughout this project.

  • Removing 30 year old fire sprinkler pipework from 5 floors while trying to not spill the black gunky water within. 
  • Removing the existing fire pumpset and install the new fire pumpset.


  • Our Sprinkler fitters flushed the existing system with clean water to remove as much gunk as possible prior to removal. This helped maintain a clean work site for all other trades.
  • The existing pumpsets were dismantled onsite and removed from the skids to achieve removal from the small pump room. Furthermore, the traditional way of building the replacement pumps offset and dropping them into place could not be achieved. Once factory tested the pumps were again dismantled and transported to site where we again constructed and commissioned onsite. 


$380 Thousand

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