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Our In-house portal is the only software on the market within Australia that has been built specifically to handle all fire and life safety products disciplines.

Safetytech Fire Services offer our very own in- house portal. This Fire Protection software comes complete with all the requirements of Australian Standards AS1851-2012 to help maintain and protect your property.

This unique software offers our clients 24/7 access to the customer portal on any smart device which will always keep your property updated with the full history. Routine servicing and test data is captured and uploaded into customer portal for added accessibility.
A custom-built application that alerts and provides service call out information to our technicians such as fault information, customised site specific access requirements, contact details and a maintenance logging software that provides our technicians with an up to date view of their routine servicing sites.

Our location service technology allows our trained coordinators to select & assign technicians to your emergency call outs. The location services can show our coordinators available technicians who are close by and ready to rapidly respond to our customers call outs. Smart Google Maps ® provides a REAL time view of an en-route technician.

Our aim is to protect the safety of your commercial property, your staff and your customers, at all times ensuring your property is as fire safe as possible.

Contract Administration

  • Identifies set labour rates & equipment specific to a contract
  • Automatically itemise quotes
  • Generate Routine Activity Test reports & Property Activity Summary
  • Monitor progress of Quotation’s sent – e.g. Created, With Client, Approved, Rejected

Asset Maintenance

Manage routine inspection and testing as per Site Assets Customer.

Contract & Site information is readily available and recordable from any device (Apple, Android, Microsoft Track Critical information such as:

  • Pressure Testing Service Due
  • Dates
  • Flow Rates
  • Last Inspection Dates

FS Technician receives job on smart device

FS Technician views service call out & fault notes

FS Technician completes service call out

FS Technician completes electronic service report

Report uploaded onto portal & Client views online

Defects & Quoting

Every defect logged is stamped with:

  • Date and time the defect was identified
  • Asset: number, location and description
  • Technician’s name who identified the defect

Allows Administration to track conversion times from defect identification to reporting to the customer.

Critical defects automatically notify the service manager for prompt follow up.


Generates monthly testing for the applicable month in a click of a button.

Distribute and assign work load by:
– priority, area, site/ client preferred requirements.

The Scheduler has been built specifically to handle all fire and life safety product disciplines

Contract Billing

Automatically differentiates the relevant accounts contact person or department from Site/ Supervisor Contacts

Automatically generates Contract Invoices – ensures Fire Testing Fees are received the first day of every month.