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Thermal Defence Wrap – 300mm x 10m

$1,282.68 Exc. GST

  • Provides excellent insulation to services penetrating fire walls and floors
  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to install
  • Provides up to 2hrs insulation with a single layer
  • Foil backing increases strength and covers exposed fibres
  • Approved to multiple International Standards, including AS1530.4 & AS4072.1
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Product Information
The BOSS Thermal Defence System has been developed to prevent the passage of fire and smoke between fire rated compartments where service penetrations exist, such as cables, cable trays and pipe work. The BOSS Thermal Defence S ystem consists of 2 elements:

  1. Thermal Defence Wrap (TDW) installed around the penetrating services,
  2. And one of the many options of BOSS Fire aperture seals available.

The TDW is designed to allow movement within the services, maintain necessary insulation on services and prevent temperature rise of services throughout a fire. At normal temperatures, the TDW remains flexible to permit thermal and mechanical movement of the pipes and cables.

Thermal Defence Wrap is a sheathed woven intumescent technology of bio – soluble vitreous material, graphite and flexible organic binders. It will activate in a fire to expand and maintain compartmentalisation for 2 hours.

Advantages of BOSS Thermal Defence Wrap
The advantages of the Thermal Defence Wrap are as follows:

  1. Provides excellent insulation to services off the penetration seal
  2. Remains flexible between -10°C to +160°C.
  3. Continued flexibility without ageing
  4. Speed and ease of installation.
  5. Easy to wrap, shape and cut.
  6. High level of insulation, high temperature stability

System Components

  1. 300mm x 1m of Thermal Defence Wrap lengths easily wrap around a service and can be cut to fit on site
  2. S – Line Pillows wrap around services, including cable trays, and hold with binding wire
  3. Fire Pillows seal aperture in walls
  4. FireMortar – 360 seals apertures in walls
  5. BOSS Bulkhead Batts provide additional protection around wall penetrating services

BOSS Thermal Defence System is designed for maintaining compartmentalisation where services, such as cables and pipes, penetrate fire rated walls and floors. BOSS proven passive products provide excellent protection, both in maintaining the integrity of the fire rated seal and also in insulating the service. Use BOSS Thermal Defence to insulate:

  • Cables
  • Cable trays
  • Copper pipes
  • Steel pipes
  • Telecommunication cables

in any environment requirement up to – /120/120 on both aperture seals and penetrating services. BOSS Thermal Defence System are fully approved to AS1530.4(2005) and AS4072(2005).

Testing & Specification
The BOSS Thermal Defence System has the following Test & Assessment references:

Exova Warrington Report 26325 – 02
28th September 2011
Tested to – /120/120 to AS 1530.4(2005) and AS4072.1(2005)

Exova Warrington Report 304406/A
26th May 2011
Tested to – /120/120 to EN1366.3

The BOSS Thermal Defence System is straight forward to install.

S – Line Pillows fill the aperture up to 1.1m x 1.1m in masonry walls around the penetrating services. Once the pillows are installed, the Thermal Defence System is wrapped around the services (depending on cable/pipe configuration), and trimmed to suit the circumference.

The TDW does not need to overlap itself on the penetrations, they can simply butt together and held in place with Al – Foil duct tape or binding wire.

The TDW is then simply pushed up firmly against the surface of the aperture to provide a close fit and any gaps can be sealed with FireMastic – 300.

If a more solid and permanent structure is required, BOSS FireMortar – 360 can be use d to fill the wall aperture. In this case, the aperture needs to be prepared with formwork as per normal mortar installations then BOSS Bulkhead Batts are added to the immediate surround of the penetrating service.
The TDWs are then fitted in the same way as the S – Line pillow system above.

Additional information

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