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FireMastic-HPE – 600ml Foil Sausage

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FireMastic-HPE is the ultimate high pressure exerting fire sealant for plumbing, electrical & HVAC/R services for up to two hour fire rating. Approved to AS1530.4-2014, AS4072.1. The sealant is intended for use in control joints or service penetrations through walls, floors and ceilings. Under fire conditions the product expands up to 40 times its volume and exerts pressure to the surrounding substrates leading to closure of the penetration.

FireMastic-HPE is approved to AS1530.4 and EN1366 and offers an FRL of up to -/120/120 in a wide range of penetration systems, outperforming other leading sealants in independent fire tests.

Key Benefits of FireMastic-HPE are:

  • Closes plastic pipes in a fire up to 125mm diameter
  • Replaces fire collars on pipes of PVC, ABS, uPVC
  • Closes and seals PEX water pipes, PEX-AL Gas Pipes and other XLPE and HDPE pipes
  • Seals around large copper and steel pipes
  • Can be used to seal insulated copper chillers pipes up to 130mm diameter with pipe lagging still fitted
  • Seals around cables and bunches of cables
  • Pair-Coil pipes and HVAC clusters

FireMastic-HPE can be used instead of traditional pipe collars on a range of plastic pipes, saving you material and labour. It offers versatile, simple and low cost solutions for firestopping a wide range of penetration systems.

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  • Approvals : AS1530.4
  • Box Quantity : 12
  • Colour : Dark Grey
  • Density : 1300kg per meter cubed
  • Single Units : Yes
  • Size : 600ml

Product Information

  • Unique, proven high – performance penetration sealant
  • High pressure 40x expansion rate
  • Closes down plumbing and HVAC pipes
  • 2 hours fire resistance on cables and pipes
  • Approved to be use on pipe insulation lagging and refrigerant pipe
  • Approved on masonry, Hebel, plasterboard and Speedpanel/Speedwall

FireMastic – HPE is a graphite – based, thixotropic, one – part acrylic emulsion that is designed to resist the passage of fire and smoke. Under heat, FireMastic – HPE will expand with enough pressure to close PVC pipes and seal around cables and metal pipes to maintain the integrity and insulation performance of the seal, yet without placing any unnecessary pressure on the building substrate.

FireMastic – HPE is supplied in 310 ml cartridges suitable for caulking via an applicator gun or also available in 600ml foil sausages . It has excellent non – slump properties coupled with the ease of application due to its water – based nature.

The sealant is intended for use in either linear gap seals or service penetrations through walls or floors where fi re integrity and insulation needs to be preserved. Under fire conditions the product expands up to 40 times its volume and exerts pressure to the surrounding substrates, leading to closure of the penetration. The integrity and insulation is then maintained by the stability of the remaining product char.

FireMastic – HPE is the leader in its class with the highest expansion rate for an intumescent sealant and tested on the largest pipe sizes.

Product Applications & Advantages

  • Sealing combustible and non – combustible penetrations.
  • Closing down plumbing & HVAC pipes.
  • Sealing around metal pipes with insulated lagging remaining on the pipe.
  • Sealing of cables, including cable bunches.
  • Suitable for use in irregular applications.
  • Excellent insulation properties.
  • Easy clean up with water and odourless.
  • Long life and paintable.
  • Provides smoke and gas seal.
  • Approved on a wide range of masonry, Hebel /AAC and plasterboard applications.

Physical Properties

Description Aqueous thixotropic paste
Density 1.3g/cm³
Colour Dark Grey
Application temperature +5°C to 30°C
Expansion onset temperature 120°C – 140°C
Expansion Up to 40 times
Skin time 15 minutes @ 25° C/50%RH
Shelf life 18 months when unopened
pH 8 – 9
Testing AS 1530, BS/ EN 1366 , ISO 6944
V.O.C. 18g/Litre SCAQMD

Approved Applications
FireMastic – HPE has multiple international fire tests o n a wide variety of pipe types, including:

  • PVC, HDPE, ABS, PP pipes through floors and walls to BS/EN 1366
  • PVC, cPVC, HDPE, PEX and PEX – AL to AS 1530.4
  • Cables and cable bundles to AS 1530.4 and BS/EN 1366
  • HVAC & Refrigerant pipes and cluster of pipes to both AS 1530.4 and BS/EN 1366

FireMastic – HPE provides solutions for these typical services:

  • Plumbing pipes, including uPVC, uPVC – DVW, PEX, HDPE
  • Sprinkler & Pressure pipe, including cPVC / Blazemaster / Spears
  • Gas pipes, including PEX – AL & Copper
  • Steel/Ferrous Pipes
  • HVAC & Refrigerant Pipes including lagged copper and paircoil. Including 1 – sided solutions.
  • NBN Cable, NBN Conduit , Data Conduit and Fibre Optic Cable. Including 1 sided solutions.
  • Cables and bunches of cables
  • Paircoil Clusters of Insulated HVAC Copper Pipes, Conduit and Cables
  • uPVC Conduits & Pipes

Refrigerant Pipe Lagging
FireMastic – HPE has been tested on a wide variety of pipe lagging types, including fire rated, flame resistent and also non – rated (fully combustible). These lagging types include nitrile rubber, foam, mineral wool and composite materials in black, grey and white lagging.

Brands of lagging include (but not limited to):

  • Roxul
  • Armaflex
  • Linkaire
  • Polyaire
  • Arrow
  • As well as some generic branded lagging.

FireMastic – HPE has passed fire tests on all these insulation types, with similar results achieved regardless of material, brand or colour. For that reason, when selecting a paircoil type to use, the lagging type, brand or colour is generic to the performance of FireMastic – HPE in a fire situation, and FireMastic – HPE can be used with all the types & brands listed above.

This may not be the case with other competitor brands of expanding sealants, as lesser performing products will require the flame retarding properties of fire rated lagging (eg. FR Armaflex) to assist in the overall FRL of the pipe penetration seal. More information on this can be gained by contacting BOSS Technical Services Team.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

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