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Pyrogard Fire Foam 750ml Can

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PYROGARD Expanding Fire Foam is fire-rated for up to 4 hours and approved to AS1530.4(2005). Its high performance design means it is ideal for sealing irregular shaped gaps, voids and linear joints, such as gaps around door frames, between slab joints or between different wall materials.

Ideal uses:

  • Filling window and door gaps
  • Backfilling around service penetrations
  • Filling obscure-shaped or awkward gaps where linear FR methods are not suitable


  • Fire rating up to 4 hours (FRL -/240/240)
  • Excellent adhesion to common building substrates
  • Once cured the foam can be cut, sawn, painted or plastered
  • Expands up to 40 times its original volume
  • Coloured pink to identify its fire rating properties.
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  • Approvals : AS1530.4 (2005) and AS1905.1 (2015)
  • Box Quantity : 12
  • Single Units : Yes
  • Size : 750ml

Product Information

  • Expanding Polyurethane Foam
  • High Performance – up to 4 hours fire rating in linear gaps
  • Approved for 2 hour fire doorsets
  • Approved to AS1530.4:2005 and AS1905.1:2015
  • Excellent adhesion
  • 50 times expansion of original volume
  • Manufactured to ISO EN9001

PYROGARD FIRE FOAM is a quick setting one – part polyurethane foam with excellent fire resistance properties.

PYROGARD FIRE FOAM expands on application to up to 50 times its original volume to fill any available voids and gaps , but without any excessive pressure on building substrates or wall structures . Approved for 2 hour fire doorsets, up to 2 hours in most joint configurations and 4 hours on concrete wall s, PYROGARD Fire Foam provides one of the simplest forms of fire rating irregular voids and apertures.

Once cured, the foam can be cut, sawn or plastered over within only one hour of application (based on an ideal working temp of 20°C).

Expansion 37 litres (750ml can)
Tack Free Approx. 8 minutes
Cell Structure Medium fine
Cuttable 20mins to 1hr depending on bead dimensions
Full Stability Approx. 12 hours (20mm bead)
Working Temps 5°C – 25°C (Optimum 20°C)
Tensile Strength 18N/cm² (DIN 53455)
Elongation at Tension 30% (DIN 53455)
Shear Strength 8N/cm² (DIN 53422)
Flexural Strength 20N/cm² (DIN 53423)
Compressive Strength 5N/cm² (DIN 53421) at 10% stress
Water Absorption 0.3 Vol % (DIN 53428)
Thermal Conductivity 0.04 W/Mk (DIN 52612)
Cured Temp Res  Long Term: – 40° to +100°C
Short Term: – 40° to +130°C
Fire Test Data Exova Warrington Report 326231A/B
CSIRO Report FCO – 3001


  2. Shake can well before use (about 20 times).
  3. Carefully fix nozzle to the top of can . Do not over – tighten or force.
  5. Only partially fill cavities, as the foam will continue to expand after you release the nozzle to fill the remaining space . Any excess foam can be removed whilst still wet. Cured foam must be removed mechanically by cutting or sawing.
  6. Always remove nozzle from can/gun and clean immediately after use.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

TDS – BOSS Pyrogard Fire Foam


SDS – Pyrogard Fire Foam