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P40 MAK-Wrap 1000x300mm

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  • Provides excellent insulation to services penetrating fire walls and floors
  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to install
  • Provides up to 2hrs insulation with a single layer
  • Foil backing increases strength and covers exposed fibres
  • Approved to multiple International Standards, including AS1530.4 & AS4072.1
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  • Approvals : AS1530.4, AS4072.1 and BS/EN1366
  • Box Quantity : 6
  • Density : 40kg per meter cubed
  • Dimensions : 1000 x 300 x 40mm
  • Single Units : Yes

Product Information
P40 MAK-Wrap is designed to provide a simple and effective method for increasing the insulation rating of thermally conductive service penetrations through fire walls and floors.

It consists of medium density mineral fibre insulation, lined on one face with reinforced aluminium foil backing. When used in conjunction with other high performance penetration seals, P40 MAK- Wrap will increase the insulation rating of the installed system by up to 120 minutes, by blocking the transfer of heat from thermally conductive services in a fire situation.

P40 MAK-Wrap is lightweight, easy to handle and simple to install. It can simply be wrapped around the services to be protected and secured in place using a number of methods.

The mineral fibre insulation is non-toxic and unaffected by oil, fungus, moisture and contains no halogens or asbestos.

Physical Specification
Manufactured under ISO9001:2008 Approved to AS1530.4, AS4072.1 and BS/EN1366.3

Dimensions 1000mm x 300mm x 40mm
Density 40 kg/m³
Backing Reinforced Aluminium Foil (1 side)
Insulation Up to 120 minutes

Suitable for use in any building which has single or multiple services penetrating fire rated compartment walls and floors.

Typical installations are:

  • Retail stores and shopping centres
  • Residential apartments
  • Commercial buildings
  • Telecommunications / data centres
  • Power stations / substations
  • Factories / industrial applications
  • Office fit-outs

Performance Specifications
P40 MAK-WRAP has approvals to AS1530.4, AS4072.1 and BS/EN1366 for a number of applications, insulating heat-conductive services for up to 120 minutes.

Applications include steel pipes, copper pipes, lagged copper pipes, mains power cables, TPS circuit cables, telecommunications cables and cable trays, on a range of wall types including plasterboard, concrete, masonry, AAC and Speed Panel.

Installation Methods


  1. Ensure that service penetration sealing system (eg. FireMastic-300, FyreBox) has been installed correctly as per the installation instructions for that system.
  2. Remove all unnecessary combustible materials from area adjacent to the seal. Use a dust pan and brush, sweep all loose material and debris from the services and service support system.
  3. Insulation lagging on services may be left intact.


  1. Wear suitable attire and eye protection to avoid skin and eye contact
  2. Fasten one end of the wrap to the services / tray being wrapped using adhesive-backed foil tape.
  3. Carefully install the wrap around the service/s and/or tray, applying gentle tension to the foil backing to ensure a snug fit.
  4. Cut the wrap to the required length, to ensure a minimum overlap across the join of 100mm.
  5. Secure the wrap across the join using adhesive- backed foil tape.
  6. Any exposed fibres on the edges of the wrap can be covered by application of a strip of adhesive- backed foil tape.
  7. Secure the wrap in position using steel tie-wire or steel cable ties.
  8. Maintain a record of the installation and label as required.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg