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Fire Rated Pipe Wrap – 80mm

$30.55 Exc. GST

The MaxiCollar™ offers a new and innovative high-performance design to improve fire resistance levels and simple installation.

With its unique construction of multi-layered intumescence and directional expansion, the MaxiCollar™ can offer up to 4hrs fire rating to plastic pipes through:

  • Plasterboard and Drywall construction
  • Masonry and Block
  • Speedpanel walls (with no need for plasterboard build up)
  • Concrete
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  • Approvals : EN1366.3 and AS1530.4(2005)
  • Box Quantity : 20
  • Fire Rating : 2 Hour
  • Material : Polythene sleeve with graphite based intumescent
  • Single Units : Yes
  • Size (Thread/OD) : 80mm

Product Information

  • Fire rates electrical and plumbing PVC pipes and conduits
  • Easy to install and cost effective
  • Use in floors and walls, including plasterboard
  • Easy retrofit design
  • Approved to EN1366.3 and AS1530.4(2005)

Pipe Wraps are intumescent composition – based elastomeric thermoplastic polymers, designed to provide high volume expansion and pressure sealing around PVC pipes and insulated metal pipes. Tested systems includes PVC, Polypropylene, MDPE, HDPE, HPPE and ABS up to a size of 200 mm diameter pipes through concrete / blockwork floors and walls as well as light weight partitions.

Benefits & Features

  • Suitable for wall and floor installation
  • The product is based on a thermoplastic composite and is therefore non – toxic
  • Halogen free, contains no asbestos, ceramic, mineral fibres and is environmentally friendly
  • Not affected by fungus, vermin or rodents
  • Remains flexible between – 40 0 C to +130 0 C, long life and is easy to use
  • Pipe Wraps are approved to multiple International Standards
  • Test approvals up to 4hrs, with the highest FRL achieved is – /240/240, most applications FRL – /180/180 or /120/120

How Does it Work
FR Pipe Wraps are flexible intumescent seals for fire protection of fire walls and floors penetrated by plastic pipes and insulated plastic or metal pipes. When a fire occurs the intumescent material swells, crushing the plastic pipe or insulation and filling the gap with fire resistant material.

In lightweight wall construction, plasterboard or hollow wall construction, a steel pipe band must be used with the pipe wrap.

As the FR Pipe Wrap activates only in a fire it does not affect the performance or operation of the pipe in normal times. It is a simple to install, low maintenance solution for pipe penetrations seals in fire rated walls and floors. Note – like all fire stopping measures, installed FR Pipe Wraps must be properly maintained in accordance with the relevant Inspection & Testing Standard.


  • Select wrap of relevant size to the pipe and place wrap around the pipe, with the ends overlapping each others.
  • Remove plastic backing from adhesive strip and secure with adhesive tape supplied.
  • Adjust the position of the wrap so that the edge is central within the wall or floor surface.
  • When installing into masonry floors, ensure the wrap in flush with the underside of the slab.
  • Fill annular gap with FireMastic – 300 or FireMortar – 360 to a depth of 5mm.
  • Pipe wrap and the pipe can be sealed with FireMastic – 300.
  • Maintain record of installation on the relevant as – built drawings or base building firestop schedule.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

TDS – BOSS FR Pipe Wraps


SDS – Pipe Wraps