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MINI Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator Kit

$7,276.50 Exc. GST

The MINI is ideal for testing in difficult to access areas where hands free use is beneficial to enable the operator to move around the area more easily.

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicators are a proven technology and have been for a number of years. Using the MINI Test Kit is a quick and easy alternative to the traditional methods of dismantling and weighing fixed gaseous extinguishing systems in order to check the contents. The MINI kit is extremely easy to use and testing each cylinder can be done in just 30 seconds. The measurements are extremely accurate to +/- 1.5mm and can test cylinders like a 45kg C02 in size.


  • Extremely easy to use – test cylinders in 30 seconds
  • Safer than Weighing: No need to remove cylinders from brackets
  • Less risk of accident or back injury for technicians during servicing
  • Less risk of cylinder leakage when disconnecting/reconnecting
  • D-rings for hands-free use – easier for the operator

Why Choose the Mini?
The MINI is the perfect choice when choosing an Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator test kit. We understand the importance of being able to rely on testing kit apparatus that will give you the reassurance you need in challenging environments. The operating temperature of the MINI is from -10°C all the way up to +70°C. It has a humidity range of 5% to 95% making it perfect for areas that experience high temperature and humidity. Some agents can restrict the operating temperature range based on their chemical properties, so some considerations may need to be taken before conducting measurements.

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