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Fire Rated Bulkhead Batt 1200mm x 600mm x 50mm

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We offer comprehensive solutions for fire and smoke seals in penetrations and apertures.

Suitable for walls and floors, the Bulkhead Batt offers undoubtedly the most cost-effective and simplest solution to sealing wall and floor penetrations. It is a lightweight mineral fibre board that can be easily cut to size on site for simple friction fit applications. Simply push it in to place to fit the aperture and seal the perimeter with FireMastic-300 fire rated sealant or our specially designed Ablative Coating for bonding Batts to Substrates.

The Bulkhead Batt systems have approvals to several international standards, including AS1530.4:2005 and EN1366-3. Bulkhead Batts also offer excellent acoustic properties, with max Sound Reduction indexes over 56dB.

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  • Approvals : AS1530.4(2005)
  • Dimensions : 1200 x 600 x 50mm
  • Pack Quantity : 1
  • Single Units : Yes

Key Benefits

  • Up to 56.1dB sound reduction
  • Low cost & highly efficient method of fire stopping
  • Provides up to 4 hours fire and smoke barrier
  • Long life and easy storage
  • Suitable for large openings in floor and walls
  • Approved to AS1530.4(2005)

Bulkhead Batt is designed to provide simple and effective compartmentalisation and fire stopping in walls and floors.

It consists of high-density mineral fibre batt with an ablative fire resistant coating which can be used in conjunction with other high performance fire protection products to provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The Bulkhead Batt prevents the passage of fire and smoke between compartment walls and floors whilst still allowing the insulation of services.

At normal temperatures, the Bulkhead Batt installed with FireMastic-300®fire rated sealant remains flexible enough to permit thermal and mechanical movement of services. Both products are unaffected by oil, fungus, moisture and contain no halogens or asbestos.

Bulkhead Batts are suitable for use in any building which has single or multiple services penetrating fire rated compartment walls and floors.

Typical installations are:

  • Retail stores and shopping centres
  • Commercial buildings
  • Telecommunications
  • Power stations
  • Factories and industrial applications
  • Office fit-outs

Bulkhead Batts are approved to AS1530.4:2005 Report No FAR3823, offering up to -/240/90 FRL; and Report No FAR3921 to -/120/120 FRL. They also carry approvals for EN1366 and BS476. Bulkhead Batts remain one of the simplest and most cost-effective fire stopping methods available.

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Weight 20 kg

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