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Digital Light Meter

$149.32 Exc. GST

This digital light meter is perfect for measuring ambient light levels. It comprises of two parts; the photosensor and the main handheld meter with display connected via an extendable (500mm) curly cord. It has 3 ranges; 2000, 20000 and 200000 lux, and has a hold switch to freeze the display at the last reading taken. Supplied in a vinyl carry case and includes a protective cover for the photosensor.

Special Functions

  • Range: 1 Lux to 199,999 Lux (1FC to 19,999FC)
  • Lux Range Selections: 2000 Lux, 20k Lux, 200k Lux.
  • FC Range Selections: 2000 FC, 20k FC.
  • Resolution: ±2.0%
  • Accuracy: ± (3.0%+15)
  • Cosine response: f2≤6%
  • Spectral response; CIE photo optic
  • Repeatability: ±2%
  • Temperature characteristics: ±0.1%ºC
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