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12V Battery Tester with Protective Carry Case

$124.12 Exc. GST

This battery tester provides a quick and easy verification of battery condition for 12 Volt sealed lead acid (SLA), wet cells, gel cell and AGM batteries.

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Extremely easy to use 2 x ‘Alligator Clip’ leads included. Once the ‘Alligator Clip’ test leads are connected, battery capacity can be selected (between 5Ah and 80Ah) and a 20A test load is applied. In the event the voltage drops off once a load is applied, a reading of “insufficient charge” or “defective cell” is returned.

  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Can test batteries between 5Ah and 80Ah capacity selection
  • Voltage display
  • Three status LED’s
  • One touch load testing
  • Powered by battery being tested