Maintenance & Upgrades

Safetytech Fire Services has been engaged to assist in a number of major Upgrades and Maintenance (Out of contract) throughout Perth metro area’s.

Our engineers concepts have helped assist clients with Upgrade of Fire protection systems through various avenues, be it local council requirement, maintenance requirement or due to building alterations.

Fire Indication Panel, Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System, Fire Sprinkler System, Fire Pumpset, Fire Hydrant System are some of the systems Safetytech have upgraded over our years.

Our Maintenance division conduct works outside of contractual Inspection & Testing requirements.

- 24 Yearly for fire sprinklers, Sprinkler Valve Overhauls, Fire Hydrant Overhauls, Extinguisher pressure testing, Flow Testing of Fire Hydrants & Fire Sprinklers with Current Calibrated Certificates, Fire Pumpset Diesel & Electric Overhauls. For further detail Contact Us.